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24/7 access to expert therapists, guided meditations, and relationship support. Elevate your well-being, your way.

24/7 access to expert therapists, guided meditations, and relationship support. Elevate your well-being, your way.

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Your Personal Wellness App & Trusted Counselling Platform for a Brighter Future

Expert Guidance: Connect with certified and experienced guidance counselors, therapists, and life coaches. Our professionals are here to provide you with personalized support tailored to your unique needs.

Comprehensive Counselling: Whether you’re navigating relationship challenges, coping with stress, or seeking personal growth, Ellusho offers comprehensive counselling services. 

Secure and Confidential: Your privacy is our top priority. Ellusho ensures a secure and confidential space for you to open up, share your thoughts, and receive guidance without any judgment.

Diverse Therapies Tailored
to Your Unique Needs

Stress Management

Stress Management

Learn effective coping mechanisms to manage stress and maintain mental balance with our stress management therapy.

Relationship Guidance

Relationship Guidance

Strengthen bonds through personalized relationship counselling, improving communication and fostering healthier connections with loved ones.

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety Counselling

Find relief from anxiety with expert counselling, providing strategies to navigate challenges and cultivate a calmer mindset.

Parenting Skills Coaching

Parenting Skills Coaching

Enhance parenting skills with tailored coaching, promoting effective strategies to create a positive and nurturing family environment.

Depression Support

Depression Support

Get compassionate support for depression, working with therapists to explore emotions and take positive steps toward healing.

Anger Management

Anger Management

Manage anger constructively with therapeutic interventions, fostering emotional intelligence and healthier responses to challenging situations.

Entrepreneurial Guidance

Personalized 1:1 Career Guidance Sessions from MENA's Top Experts

MENA Entrepreneurial Guidance: Connect with distinguished experts from the MENA region, specializing in entrepreneurial advice and career counselling through Ellusho’s platform.

Strategic Business Counselling: Whether you’re navigating challenges in your business, seeking strategic insights, or planning for growth, Ellusho provides comprehensive counselling services tailored for entrepreneurs.

Secure and Confidential: Your privacy is our top priority. Ellusho ensures a secure and confidential space, allowing you to discuss your business challenges and receive guidance without any judgment. Rest assured that your sensitive business information is safeguarded with the highest standards of security.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does Ellusho's chat service work?

A: Ellusho’s chat service allows you to connect with certified experts instantly. To start a chat session, you need to add a minimum balance equivalent to 5 minutes of the counselor’s per-minute charges. You can continue the chat until the balance is depleted, and you’ll be prompted to recharge when it’s insufficient for a 2-minute session. Upon recharge, you can seamlessly continue the conversation.

Q: How am I charged for chat sessions?

A: Ellusho charges users based on the duration of the chat session. You’ll be billed according to the time spent communicating with the expert. Ensure a minimum balance for a 5-minute session. Recharge when needed, and you can continue talking until your wallet balance is exhausted.

Q: Is there a way to know if an expert is available for chat?

A: Yes, you can see the availability status of each expert. If your preferred expert is not available, use the chat schedule option to set a specific time or follow the counselor to get notified when they are online and available for a chat.

Q: What if the person I want to chat with is not available?

A: If your preferred expert is not available, explore other certified professionals who are online. Alternatively, use the chat schedule option to plan a session for a later time, or follow the counselor to receive notifications when they become available.

Q: Can I schedule a chat session for a later time?

A: Yes, Ellusho’s chat service allows for scheduled options. You can set a specific time for a chat session with your chosen counselor or follow them to receive notifications when they are online.

Q: Is the chat conversation confidential?

A: Yes, Ellusho prioritizes user privacy. All chat sessions are secure and confidential, providing a safe space for you to discuss your concerns with the expert.

Q: What types of professionals are available for chat?

A: Ellusho offers a diverse range of certified experts, including therapists, guidance counselors, life coaches, and career specialists. They provide support across various areas.

Q: How do I end a chat session?

A: : You can end a chat session at any time by closing the chat window. The billing is based on the duration of the conversation. The chat will automatically end when your wallet balance is exhausted, or you can manually end it at any time.

Q: What if I experience technical issues during a chat?

A:If you encounter technical difficulties, reach out to Ellusho’s customer support for assistance. We’re here to ensure a smooth chat experience for you.

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